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Hi All,

Can I start by saying that I’m extremely surprised by so many sweet positive responses to the first post? It is so nice to read how many of you recognize yourselves in my story and the enthusiasm you have for interior design, for the RS tool and the community is heartwarming and special.

As said I would like to begin to talk with you about the contests. When I started looking into these I was amazed to see how many contests have already been run on Roomstyler. There are over 1750 contests held and so many of you have been taking part in these.  

Nico has taken care of these contests for you over the past years and I have now taken over from him. The first contests I came up with, because it was almost Easter, were the Egg in the Living Room and The Yellow Working Space contests. I was just excited to put them online. Would anyone even want to participate? And to my surprise, the first designs poured in quickly.

I see so much talent and creativity. Many of you surprise me with their designs. It also inspires me, an absolute beginner, to get started with the tool. And I think it’s cool to see how many of you also participate in voting for the best designs.

Whatever will change, the contests will definitely stay! I want to work with you to see if any adjustments are desirable, necessary and possible. To do that properly, I need more information. Therefore I made a short survey. It can be answered by 100 people, so if you feel like it, please join!

You can open the survey via It’s 16 simple questions, so it doesn’t take much time.

Very curious to hear your responses!

In the meantime, do no hesitate to ask me anything you want to know and do not forget to have a look at Floorplanner Instagram or Floorplanner Pinterest to see images that show you what you can to create with the new Roomstyler editor to come.

Have a nice day, until next week,


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  1. I have a question Saskia. It’s not needed just for fun, can there be a template contest every once in a while where the template is made by one of the RoomStyler community users?

  2. Hi Kitacat,
    Thank you so much for filling out the survey!

    I certainly think we could do this. I will jot it down as an idea.
    Wondering if other users would like the idea too… Let us know!

  3. I was thinking maybe when you post two contests, one of them can be a freestyle, like how most of them are, and one of them can be a template, so that people get a pick, and so that there is something for everyone.

  4. I love that you are taking the time to hear what the community thinks! It’s very important for everyone to get a say if they want to, so thank you very much (: Also, I would love for there to be a setting that I can set so that I am notified when there is a new blog post!

    1. Hi Srmagi,
      Yep I agree, it is important that you can speak out as community. Did you do the survey too? I will also write down your wish for the notification. For now, I am planning to post every monday so you know:-)

  5. Hello Saskia I filled out the form. Some answers I typed and might of been a little unclear Sorry about that. Also Roomstyler and Floorplanner are an awesome website! -greekgirl37

  6. I was thinking staggering the contests. Rather than two a week which can leave a lull between contests, perhaps one contest each week. Also what about speed contests. Limited hours/days.

    1. Hi,
      I’ll note any thoughts you guys bring up. The speed contests have not been mentioned before, but definitely a fun idea too! Thank you for your input!

  7. Thanks for the update Saskia! I was also wondering, is there a way we can propose contest ideas/ask to hold a contest? Like if we wanted people to design us a new living room mixed with a office/kid’s desk area and had a template. Or if we thought designers might enjoy a contest that asks designers to make the best out of a room with a slanted ceiling/maximize space and style! (or a contest that makes the room almost entirely black and white but in the middle, put a pop of color or a section with full color!!!)
    Also, if someone deletes their account (because of unkind comments/personal reasons or something), are they allowed to make another under the same name?
    Sorry for so many questions! Thanks again, and take care! 😀 Also, how are you?

    1. Hi mydreamjob25,
      Thank you so much for your message. You can ask me as many questions as you want!
      I’m fine, I hope you are too.
      I get the impression that more of you would like to contribute your own ideas for the contests so I’m going to see if and how we could organize that.
      Get back to you soon!
      Also, to your question about whether you can re-create a previously deleted account under the same name…. I think so but am not entirely sure.

    2. Hi again,
      Sorry, it took a while before I got the answer to your question but if you have deleted your account, it is possible to create a new account under the same name with the same email address. Have a nice day!

  8. Can you add a feature that allows people to see when designers were last active? News feed/time line technically does this but its hard to tell if likes have filled their time line or news feed. I know its also not that necessary but it could be a helpful additional feature in settings that could be enabled or disabled just a thought.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion!
      I think this should be technically possible and I will definitely put it on the wish list.
      But keep in mind that this will not be something that will be added as a feature first.

  9. Hi All,

    Already 48 of you have completed the contest survey. Thank you for your time and input!

    For those who haven’t responded yet: are the contests important to you too and do you have an opinion about them? If so, please participate in the survey. I would love to hear what you think. Contests Survey

  10. Hey Saskia, I know this isn’t your fault, but I wanted to ask about something. This has happened to me, and mydreamjob25. This is just that I know of. I think it’s just a glitch, but it renamed our accounts to ‘deleted_(A random set of numbers)_(Our username). For her, it lasted about 24 hours, for me, it has lasted longer. Sorry to bother you with this if you can’t help, but I thought I would ask just in case you know what I should do about it.

    1. Hi Nantha,
      I am sorry but I do not understand your problem or question. Could you please send me an email with further explanation so I can try to help you out? This weblog is not really the place for it:-)

  11. Hi All,

    I am in the process of going through the now 73 survey forms. Thank you so much for all your input and ideas. I’m really getting a lot out of this.

    The survey will be open until tomorrow 13.00 CET so if you want to, please join!

    The first results will be shared with you in the weblog next Monday.
    Have e very creative and fun end of the week!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you for joining the survey.I’m sure we can make improvements for a lot of you.

  12. I awnsred the survey. Just a suggestion but I think That when someone responds to a message or comment you do there should be a inbox so you could respond back.
    Have a good day! 😀


    1. Hi Bob-E,

      Thanks for your input in the survey.
      I’m not sure I understand your suggestion tough.
      In the weblog everyone can respond on my posts and I can respond on theirs like I do now.
      Have a good day too!

      1. Hi Saskia! I’m not entirely sure if this is what Bob-E meant, but maybe they are suggesting that it sends you notifications to your email when someone responds to your comment?? Thanks!
        @Bob-E: Sorry if I explained that wrong 🙂
        Stay safe! <3

      2. Its kinda like when you comment on someones work you would have to go all the way back to the project to see the responce (like this for ex). I want to be able to know what the person responded back to me by going into my inbox on this online web. Instead of going back and fourth between each pages and not being able to respond You should add a little inbox section on this web. It could tell you what others responded back and who liked your rooms Without having to go to you actual Gmail. (sorry for not making that clear )! Hopefully you understood that better.


        1. Hello Bob-E,

          Thank you for explaining it to me again.
          Now I understand what you would want! I’m not promising anything but have noted it as a desired feature.
          We are going to seriously look at this wish list to see what we can accomplish. So very good of you to bring it up!
          Have a nice day

  13. Hello! I have also filled out the survey! I think the contests are fantastic so far, and I like how challenging and fun the Toilet contest was! I am also a fan of these blogs so we can see what updates there might be.

  14. Hi All,

    Kerry Cronin wonders if it would ever be possible to keep a list of your favorite things. I think this is a typical question that more of you will have.

    The short answer is yes!
    A favorite list is definitely an option once we have switched to the new editor. This list can not only contain all the furniture items and accessories but also materials and colors for example. This allows you to quickly add them to any new or current room. It’s will be a great feature to work with!

  15. Hi everyone,

    Here I am again. I just saw a question come up in the survey comments and I think it would be good to address it now.

    The “How To” videos were on the forum and that is no longer accessible. Whether I have any idea if there are any instructional videos left somewhere?

    I would like to refer you to: Roomstyler Youtube Channel

    and Tutorial

    That’s what I can find for you right now. If I overlook anything, please let me know!

    It’s just a matter of holding on until the new editor arrives!

  16. Hi, thanks for the survey. Great that we get to share our ideas!
    Something I forget to mention in the survey: It would be nice if you could still delete (or at least make private) your design after it had entered a contest.
    Sometimes I enter a contest that is not a style I personally like, but I enter because I love the challenge and love the contests.
    After the contest has ended, it is now not possible to withdraw it and not possible to delete or turn to private. That way the design is for ever visible on my profile. Because I don’t really like the style of the design personally, this sort of bothers me. I would like to keep my profile filled with thing I also personally really like. Would this be possible?

    1. You can not make it private but if you open it to edit it, you can make private from there. Or at least you used to be able to do it that way.

    2. Hi, Esko,

      I tried to respond to you yesterday but something went wrong because I do not see it anymore..

      Thank you for joining the survey. Watch out for the new blog tomorrow with the results:-)

      I understand what you would like and why. I can’t promise you anything but have noted it as a point of interest. I hope the advice of WhatInspires me is helpfull for you.

  17. Hi im shenae, i jst want 2 say thx for those competitions they were awesome, they were so good as i didint know what kind of a room 2 do next and they were something new and fun i could do. i k every1 loved them 2. and congrats 2 LB1981 for winning the comps, her designs r amazing.

    1. Hi Shenae,
      Your enthusiasm makes me happy. Thank you and have fun with all the contests to come!

  18. Hi everyone,

    I just saw this post and I think it is important to tell you all more about it:
    Ciao Saskia!
    I wanted to know if it will still be possible to make photorealistic renderings as beautiful as those of Roomstyler and at the same price and same credits. I read on Floorplanner that only one cost 25 credits … that’s a lot to me.

    You can keep making the same photorealistic renderings. There is no difference between floorplanner and Roomstyler.

    For Roomstyler users we will continue to offer the possibility to create 1 photorealistic render for a few credits but we also add the option to upgrade a project/room for 25 credits to make as much photorealistic renders of that project as you need.

  19. Hello Saskia, I just posted a Chair & Glass design and choose a 4K render. Within a one minute time span, I got an email of THREE 4k renders, all of the same design, and was charged two credits three times. Please correct this, since I rendered it only ONCE.
    I usually post and use a 4K render immediately, since it shows so much better. I was wondering why one does not get credits returned once the design enters the front page???? It is no different than waiting it out for the design to make it to the front page, when it gets 2 free credits anyway. Can you address this??

    Thank you, and again, I still have a problem entering contests. Can you please check this out?


    Lydia E. Bell

    1. Hello Lydia,

      Good to hear from you. How unfortunate that you are running into this.
      I immediately forwarded your message to Support so they can help you further. I would have liked to do that myself but unfortunately I can’t see what goes wrong with the credits and the contests. As for the two credits and the front page, this is a new story for me that I am definitely diving into. We’ll be in touch.

    2. The system returns credits when a design is displayed on the front page??? Hmm . . . I’ve never been so lucky to get anything back unless I made a complaint similar to yours for being overcharged. It sure would have been nice to get those credits back since I don’t post anything anymore unless it’s in 4K which is phenomenal!

  20. Hi Saskia, in the contest “I say that home is where there is a chair and a glass” a lot of designs are missing one of the stars = a glass. That’s a lot of rooms to flag …

    1. Hi Theadora,

      I noticed that yesterday too indeed and that’s why I withdrew quite a few entries.
      Also today I am going through it again with a critical eye.
      Thank you for your support!

      1. Looks like quite a few people misinterpreted the word “glass” and put in large windows/doors instead of a glass of wine …

        1. Hi Theadora,

          I came to the same conclusion and pointed this out to as many participants as possible …
          It seems like such a simple task but then again it turns out to be not quite that:-)

  21. Darn. I wish I didn’t miss the survey because I definitely had something to say on the subject. Though my input can’t be counted, I still would like to be heard.

    My biggest complaint with contests is when entries are made that don’t fit the criteria. This should definitely be monitored closely and those that don’t comply get eliminated from the competition before voting begins. If time perhaps, those designers should have the opportunity to comply and then re-enter with a corrected entry, should they choose to do so.

    Twice in the 5-7 years that I’ve been a part of the community, I have mistakenly, I repeat mistakenly, not adhered to a point of criteria. And even after all of the time and effort that I put into each of those designs, guess what, I didn’t enter them because that would have been unfair to those who followed directions. Though I was greatly disappointed in both cases, I wasn’t about to eat up votes that could have rightfully gone to someone else.

    Also, I think it should be clearly stated when a contest submission window will end and a heads up when the voting will begin. Even an email reminder would be great for these purposes. Sometimes I intend to vote in a contest, then forget before the time comes. An email reminder would be helpful and much appreciated.

    Thank You

    1. I don’t know how it happened. I guess I rushed and missed it. But since I elected to have the system remember my name, above is incorrect. Is there any way to change it from your side if I’m not able to change it at the end of this message?

      It should be:

      Shonté (On Mac – Alt+e then e again) | (On Windows – Alt+130)

      Thank You

    2. Hi,

      Too bad you missed the survey indeed but good that you still give your opinion on this topic.

      Your annoyance about submissions not respecting all principles is certainly shared by others and we try to pay closer attention to it.

      Have you seen the new dashboard yet? There the contests have been given a prominent place and you can better keep an eye on when they go to a vote.

  22. In the closet contest, I needed to move the camera forward for it to show the room…Rules seem to say don’t move it, but it is necessary…just to let you know Saskia 🙂

    1. Hello teri,

      Im sorry i might have already removed it if i thought the camera angle was off. If so send it in again and send me a link so i can take a personal look at it. Im always happy to help you.



  23. Theadora
    May 4, 2021 at 5:35 am
    Saskia, I hope you don’t mind me giving you some helpful hints.
    I had a look at the rooms on your profile page and it seems no one informed you about the idiosyncrasies that come with this site as it is now.
    When a design renders the walls expand so except for your bathroom contest template your other templates did not render/turned black because the camera is stuck in the wall. All you need to do is make sure the front end of the camera is free of the wall. In your bathroom template you could have moved the back portion of the camera into the door/wall, this would have shown a little more of the interior. Hope this helps.
    Please adjust the camera position in the closet contest, thanks Saskia.

    1. Hi theodora, I have taken over the contest from saskia now and these were still from when she made them i cannot adjust it at the moment.I will however make sure to take note of your comments so i can do better in the future.



  24. Hi Luc, welcome to RS/FP 🙂
    Is there any way to monitor/reject religious comments? It has come to my attention that some comments (mydreamjob25-sloping ceiling) have religious overtones. I personally don’t appreciate this. This is supposed to be a design site so as far as I’m concerned religion has no place here. People from all religions and all parts of this world participate on this site so would appreciate it if people keep their religion out of it.

    1. Hi theadora,
      To delete comments on your room you can just Flag them and they will dissapear. Comments on other peoples room you can flag but they will only dissapear if multiple people do it, or the owner of the room flags it.
      Unfortunatly there is no easy way for us to check all comments.

      Greetings luc

  25. Hi Luc, why are designs that don’t fit the brief an have been flagged not removed from the contests before voting starts?

    1. Hi Theodora, Sorry you guys flagged a whole lot and some of them did fit the description. I have tried discerning the real flaggs from the ones that didnt make sense. but i cant remove them all. I will get better at this so please have a bit of patience with me while i get the hang of this aswell.

      Also These are not my contest wich makes it harder to discern the good rooms versus the bad ones.



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