New contests sponsored by Clavis

Hi Roomstylers! 

We’ve got some exiting news for the end of this year: We are organising a series of contests in collaboration with Canadian design studio Clavis

These new sponsored contests are a bit different compared to the regular Roomstyler contests (which we will continue to run). In this post I will explain this new contest format in more detail; how it works and how to participate.

So what is different?

Actually quite a lot. For instance, these new contests do not have community voting. The winners will be picked by the contest organizer (in this case Clavis) and the entries will NOT be publicly shown until the winners are selected. note: The 10 winning entries can be used by Clavis for their website or social media and the winners will be compensated in credits. Each contest will have a different theme (we will tell you a bit more about the first one) but before that we have to tell you about another big difference:

You need to use the new editor for these contests!

Over a year ago we introduced the new Roomstyler editor. We think this new editor is a really big improvement and anything that can be created with the old editor can be created with the new editor. We understand that change is hard so that is why we still kept the old version alive and will for the coming period.  However, all our new development is focussed on this new editor and through these new contests we hope to convince you to give our new editor a real try.

The new editor has many advantages for Roomstyler users like multiple floors, multiple cameras, more advanced construction tools and much more. Next to that, the new editor also makes use of a new render engine. This engine has similar capabilities as the Photorealistic Roomstyler renders so all renders created with the new editor have photorealistic quality, even the free SD renders. Plus, if you upgrade a project once to HD (for a one-time fee of 2 credits) you can make as many photorealistic HD renders of that project as you need, without paying extra credits for every render. We are sure you are going to make great use of this 🙂   Take a look at this blogpost to see some of the differences and similarities

The first sponsored contest theme: Christmas Living Room.

As the days get shorter and darker, the best place to come together and spread some cheer is the living room. It’s also the perfect place to show off your Christmas tree, so for this contest design a living room decorated for this season in your choice of style. This could have a contemporary vibe with a cool and calming palette or it follow a more traditional route of red and green with gold touches for a nostalgic feeling of comfort and joy. 

How to participate?

You need to create a room with Clavis items that fit the theme. You will need to do this in a special contest project. To start, click on the button below:

Free HD renders for every participant and more credits for the winners!

The sponsored contest project you will create will be HD by default. This means it can have multiple floors and design variants and it gives you the option to make as many photorealistic HD renders as you need. This project will remain available, even after the contest has ended.

After you have created your design you can go to your dashboard, click on the Clavis project and an extra button will appear that will only be visible for the time the contest is active. Use this “Enter contest” button to select one of your exports of this project for the contest. Created an even better render? No problem, you can always withdraw your current submission and resubmit your improved export.

Besides the free HD project we will award 10 winning entries with credits: the top 3 with 70, 60 and 50 credits for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, and the other 7 winners with 30 credits each. Note these credits can also be spent on HD, 4K or even 8K upgrades for new editor projects.

It is also a bit of an experiment for us so let’s get started!

We will be focusing on one new contest at a time, that will run for ten days, and each contest will start every two weeks. Our aim is to bring you an improved and better integrated system, but if you have any concerns please feel free to leave any comments and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Have fun!

83 Replies to “New contests sponsored by Clavis”

  1. When I clicked on the Clavis Contest Project, I instead got Floorplaner. I couldn’t find a link or button for Clavis. Please reply. I would like to do the Xmas Contest for Clavis.

    1. Hello Lydia, Please go to the blogpost about the Clavis contest and press the green button. This should allow you to add a room as contestentry.

    1. Hello Venus, If you go to our blogpost about the claviscontest. You will find the button to entry half way down the post. Its a big green button.

  2. when I load up, then it says, “connect with floorplanner” so I log in. and then it says, “go to dashboard” as it should but when i press on that it goes back to “connct with floorplanner”!!!!!!!!!!!
    pls reply!

  3. also, are contests always gonna be like this? cuz i dont reallly like floorplanner no offense……….

    1. I agree. I do not like this at all. I can not find a way to change outdoor scenery except for the lighting. The lighting seems ultra sensitive. If you take it down a notch or two then it is far too dark. Whereas I feel we could do dim rooms without being dark. It doesn’t seem like there is much in between on this. And BTW RS, I can not find an entry button anywhere.

  4. @I_love_harly
    Don’t worry, not all contests are going to be this way. The next contest will be a normal one. As stated in the blogpost this is a bit of an experiment to see how we can run contests more smoothly with the new Roomstyler editor. btw What exactly do you not like about the new Roomstyler editor/floorplanner compared to the old Roomstyler editor?

  5. @Laura you can change the outdoor scene image with your own image in the 3D. Go to 3D, click on light& settings and there should be a button at the bottom of the left sidebar with “upload custom image”. Custom scenery in floorplanner

    1. Yes, I tried that. The only thing it did was change the grid background in the design area. It did nothing when you rendered the 3d image

    2. Jeroen, never mind. There’s also a place for backdrop and that was where I was getting confused. I think I have it figured out now. Thank you

  6. @Laura It sounds like you clicked on the “background” image button in the 2D. This will indeed allow you to upload a Floorplan in the design area and scale it so you can use it to draw your walls. To change the scenery in 3D you first need to go to the 3D mode. See the animated gif in my previous comment.

  7. No offense. I didn´t like this contest. Because the Clavis is very weird ,very difficult and very slow. I didn´t to put the floor and the ceiling and my own scenery.

    1. Yeah, it’s so slow it’s impossible to use. I hope they don’t make us switch to the new one before changing whatever it is that makes it so slow.

      1. Hi @shannon & @ingrid Thanks for letting us know. FYI The new editor should not be slower then the old editor. we are going to look into this. Could you let us know via what browser you are using and what actions are slow particularly

    2. What a nightmare!
      I even thought I had a problem with my computer or my internet! 😉
      Soooooooo slowwwwww! No… Thank you! I am WASTING my time!
      Plus, I can’t even put a scenery. It took me FOREVER just to create the space itself!

      1. @ingrid sorry to hear our new editor is making such a bad first impression on you. We’d really love to hear some more detailed feedback from you on all the things you do not like or are too slow on your system. Please send us some more info at so we can address or fix issues we might have overlooked with the implementation of our new editor within Roomstyler.

  8. @lusfale. I quickly fixed your plan and saved it as a copy. The walls were not connected properly so the ceiling and floor were not automatically created.

  9. I am still unclear how we enter the contest.

    I’ve clicked on the above link. I’ve created a room. But when going to dashboard on floorplanner and clicking on room, there is no button showing to enter the contest.

  10. hmmm, we’ll check later. Might be something we need to fix so it might be Monday. Thanks for letting us know. Have a good weekend!

  11. I did a room, saved it and then tried to export it. I got a render and it was so dark. I have many lights in the room already and still dark. I tried again with more lighting and now it won’t even come up at all. This is ridicules. I want to have fun not get irritated. Another thing with any contest on RS, we have people not following the themes but yet they somehow always get ahead of people that do the themes correctly. We should actually work on that issue before going ahead with another project.

  12. @Cynthia In this contest the winners will be picked by Clavis and not through community voting. This will make sure that entries that did not follow the rules will not be chosen among the winners. We can take a quick look at your room if you send the link to to see why it is not rendering but as stated in the post above, this contest is a bit of an experiment and if it causes you more irritation then fun, you can wait this one out and participate in the next, normal contest. We understand some things are a bit different with the new Roomstyler editor and therefor we welcome your feedback so we can address the issues you have and improve the new editor.

    1. Send it to you? I decided to start over and the Clavis button is no longer found and I should be able to start it over.

  13. I have no button to enter a contest entry either…hoewever, yes, the interface is not the same and it takes more time to find the same functions. If you could give some hints how to enter a submission, mine is ready, but your “big green button” is no where to be seen.

  14. This is very frustrating. There are no real step-by-step instructions that I can see on how to start and navigate.. When I go to the ‘new’ planner, and I click the project icon on the left it gives me a 404 error and doesn’t indicate CLAVIS at all. When I click on ‘project’ , there’s a dropdown menu and one choice is CLAVIS, and when I select it, it makes me put my address in, which does not seem necessary just to create a room. And do yo have to create as ‘project’ or can you create as ‘room’??
    I will skip this one as it is extremely frustrating.

  15. Today the site crashes all the time. (in het Nederlands, loopt vast).
    Another question is, were/how can I found the Clavis items? I assume they must be used?

    1. Hello Jaline, The site seems to be working fine for me. Can you try in incognito mode to see if that fixxes the issue? If it does please clear your cache and try again. If it does not work please contact me at so i can help you privately.

      You can use whatever items you think fit the contest description.

  16. I think I may have a clue as to why there is no green button to enter the contest. I cannot find any way to make the project “public”. IS that why?

    1. Because it isn’t going public until fter voting. This way people that don’t follow directions get weeded out.

  17. We fixed a permission thingie on our system and the “submit to contest” button should now be visible again for all users that created a Clavis project for this contest. Let us know if it is still not showing.

  18. For those of you that are experiencing slow behaviour for the new editor. please take a look at this GIF to see the normal responsiveness of the new editor as a reference and let us know if it is much slower on your browser and if so, what browser you are using. Thanks in advance!

    New editor

  19. I am constantly getting a “Page Unresponsive. You can wait for it to become responsive or exit the page.” message every time I try to do anything on the design. It is almost unusable. I am using google chrome.

    1. I have exactly the same as Luna, also getting a ‘page unresponsive’ , all the time now. I am using microsoft Edge. I can’t do anything anymore now.

  20. Much to slow to be any fun. Waiting for each aspect to load. Had some trouble with using it as well. I use Microsoft Edge. I appreciate the effort. Also, I think the ones who are able to do 3d and more will win every time and I will not pay to play. I guess if you want to win you have to. Just how I feel.

  21. @luna @jaline @Kerry we just made some changes to the settings of new Roomstyler projects. We stopped showing the little camera preview by default. We highly suspect this might be the root cause of some the problems you are experiencing. Could you please open your project again and let us know if the “page unresponsive” messages still show?

    1. It works good now. I didn’t get the message ‘page unresponsive’ anymore. Thank you for reparing and taken action.

  22. Just a quick question…is there no bridge in between Roomplanner and Roomstyler? I can only see projects created by Roomplanner in Roomplanner, Same with Roomstyler. Can we not start in one and finish in the other? Also, if we want to enter a competition open in Roomstyler, can we create a projet in Roomplanner? How do we make the project “public” to share on Roomstyler as well?

    1. @lynn A bridge to convert your old projects to the new editor will be coming soon. Also could you explain a bit more what better features you mean are paid only. All editor functionality is free for all projects . You only pay a one time project fee to unlock higher quality renders.

  23. Strange, RoomPlanner seems to be a better way to create and render, however, it seems that most of the better functions are for purchase. Ok, why not? But in this case, it seems in your interest to answer questions that would help some of us evolve to RoomPlanner.
    Oh well, happy holidays, anyway.

  24. I find the new editor extremely frustrating and not user-friendly at all.
    I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone
    I’ve tried many times to get on with it but I end up giving up.
    Not enjoyable or relaxing to use.

    1. @kitty Sorry to hear you feel that way after several tries. Could you list your main issues with the new editor?

  25. While there may be some features of Floorplanner that are better such as the ability to raise and lower objects or even resizing objects. The overall ease of the program, I was not feeling. found trying to add material to ceiling specifically to be challenging because I could not find it anywhere. I also found drawing walls to be very perplexing. I felt there are far too many length options making it harder to get the exact length when drawing. For example drawing an 11 ft wall might go to 11 ft 1 and a half inches. And clicking on it to correct the measurement seemed challenging at best. Sometimes I would be able to get a box where I can type the measurement and other times I could not get any box to come up. The lighting also seemed to be extremely sensitive. Even with lighting in the room, it seemed to come up dark. Or darker than what we are accustomed to on RS and fixing that seemed to be very challenging.
    Had this new program of been just some improvements on a few things. I might be happy with it. But some features did not need to be changed and if anything have been made worse, in my opinion.

    1. Hi @Laura you can change the ceiling material by clicking on a room and go to “settings” change ceiling material

      To change the wall sizes manually you can click on the “dimension line” and manually input your size

      Change wall sizes

      Lighting indeed needs some tweaking, there are settings tough for day & night, just as in Roomstyler , this could cause the general darkness of rooms.

  26. I am experiencing the same problems as during the Clavis contest, namely very , very slow behaviour in the new editor, and the message: page unresponsive. It was fixed than, and it went well until now. Can you please look at it?

    1. Hello Jaline, Thats unfortunate to hear. could you please mail us via the support contact form so we can see what the problem is?

      1. Dear Luc,
        The problem has been solved. It responds much faster now.

        I do have another question though, In 2D the objects can’t be placed easily on the place I want. There appear lines like – – – – – , and the objects can not be placed outside this lines. Is it possible to disable this?

        1. Hello Jacoline, Unfortunatly i dont think that is possible.

          I will also be contacting you via email about your accounts and how to properly connect them.

  27. Now my design is about 2 cm small. in the 3d modus I only see the uploaded view photo and a few walls from my design in the middle of the view photo. Maybe I did something wrong but I can’t get it right. I had the same problem when I first tried the new dashboard, maybe half a year ago. when I enlarge my mini design, the raster gets mutch to big, it changes too.

    1. Hi Jaline,

      I took a look at your projects. There are some outliers in one of your projects that you need to remove to get it to zoom in. 1) Click the zoom all button. 2) hold SHIFT key and drag a rectangle over the area where you see or suspect outliers to be. 3) press Delete key or the trashbin. If nothing is selected it’s probably a surface object or line. You can try to use the debug icon in the view options in that case. Check out the image below to see what I mean.

      I hope this helps

      1. Hi Nico, thank you for looking at my design. I tried to do as you said, but it didn’t solve the problem. Then I saw that there are some symbols in the design that I haven’t seen before. It had to do something with measure lines (maatlijnen in Dutch) . I must have done something wrong. I think I sol ved the problem now, but I am not sure how the settings from the measure lines should be. Jaline

        1. Hi Jaline, great to hear you solved part of the problem. Please provide the project number (in the url) or project name (right above the plan) so we can take a look at the specific project.

          1. Dear Nico,

            The url of the project is:
            The name is project 12

            If I open the project In 2D it is still small and the raster very big. But if I drag the project in 2D in the middle it works as it should. Now the project is on the right place and has the right measures.

            While solving the problem I rebuild the walls. That wasn’t right either. I think the walls were not right connected.
            Thank you for help

  28. Hello, I just realized that the winning entries have finally been posted…that was long, escpecilly since the email announcing my first place prize arrived at the beginning of the month! Many thanks to Clavis for chosing my entry! How does this “… and the winners will be compensated in credits” work? On a side note, any clue as when to that upcoming bridge in between RoomStyler and FloorPlanner will be implemented? Thanks in advance, Lynn

    1. Dear Lynn,

      Thanks for your feedback. The winners were recently picked by Clavis, and indeed you got the first prize! We rewarded all winners with credits and just sent out the emails to congratulate you!
      We can’t say when the bridge will be available. We would love to see people work with the new editor and via your valuable feedback make it better than the old editor.
      I think the previous email you got was sent by accident via the contest system because the contest ended before the votes from Clavis were in.

  29. When is the next Clavis contest? I would love to participate! 🙂
    Also, when you do these contests, do you have to use the new version of the editor? I am not sure how to use the new one, much like the majority of RS. I was just wondering. I might not participate if I have to use a different editor.
    Anywho, thanks for sponsoring some new contests! I love it when RS changes them up. It is refreshingly…humbling…lol
    Much love,

  30. My opinion on this is that it’s a good move for Roomstyler to collaborate with a design studio like Clavis to organize sponsored contests with a new format. It’s always exciting to have new and different kinds of contests that challenge the creativity of users in different ways. However, the fact that these contests do not have community voting and that winners will be picked solely by Clavis might disappoint some users who prefer the democratic process of community voting. Also, requiring the use of the new editor might be a bit of a barrier for some users who are used to the old editor and might not want to switch to the new one. Nonetheless, the benefits of using the new editor, such as the new render engine, make it worthwhile to try it out and see if it enhances the user’s experience. Overall, I think it’s a positive development for Roomstyler to keep evolving and trying new things to keep users engaged and excited.

    1. Hello Paul, Unfortunatly that is the way it is going to be. The new contests are a way for design studios to get roomstyles made which they can use to show customers. This means they will need to decide whatever they think are the best entries.

    1. Hello Pawan, I could find an account with this email but it had no rooms in it? Is there maybe a different email you have used?

  31. In order to compete in such contest, I would have to be able to use the new editor, which I would love to try out as the old one is limiting on viewing, floor levels, and navigating around the rooms. However, I have never been able to use the new editor even though I signed up recently and linked my account to the floor planner as recommended. I go to the “try the new dashboard” which shows up only until I choose a room to edit which always opens in the old editor. There is no way to get the new editor to open for use in designing a room since I got on this. I spent time designing a 3 level room that was very very hard to do without the new editor. There were different sections which I spend much time perfecting only to find out at the end of the project that I can only have 1 view of the project showing and that is always the last one taken. Since navigating with the old camera and waiting and waiting for each view to render and open for viewing, this took up a looooot of my life. If I wasn’t OCD, I would have dropped the project long ago. How do I get to the new editor?

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