Improvements new Dashboard

Hi All,

As a few hundred of you have already switched to the test version of the new Roomstyler dashboard. I’d like to give you some updates of improvements we made over the past 1.5 week.

This might give more of you a reason to explore the new dashboard. You can find instructions for this in my previous post.

Update your profile from the new dashboard
You can now update your public roomstyler profile also in the new dashboard. Click on the “Edit public profile” button under the avatar.

Newsfeed settings
What you want to see in your newsfeed can now also be adjusted from the new dashboard. Under the newsfeed in your dashboard you now see a small settings icon. When clicked this pops up a settings menu for your newsfeed.

Tweaks for publishing rooms
We made some small adjustments to the publish options. Rooms/projects created in the old and in the new editor are now private by default.

In the near future we are going to probably even remove the option to publish a room directly, without even knowing how the endresult does look like. As all initial exports will be private by default in the future you need to explicitly publish your rooms using the best exports you made from the design. This can be done via the 3rd option in the Create room + button popup. This allows you to choose one of your private exports (old tool or new editor) and add a name and description so you can make it public.

By the way we disabled the option to publish 2D exports from the new editor as a room. So all public rooms on Roomstyler will be 3D  images, also in the future.

Some words on remixes
Over the years the option to remix public rooms has been a crucial but also quite divisive functionality. Technically it wasn’t that easy to make changes to how the old system worked so some of the valid concerns that were raised over time are not addressed yet. This will change soon.

Any rooms created in the new editor are not remixable by default. You can share your designs with friends so you can work on the same project or you can make a full copy of the project to send to another user but this is now fully under your control.

We are also planning an option to make your existing rooms (created with the old tool) non-remixable. This is something we can now add more easily to the new dashboard and hopefully will be added soon.

Let me know if you have have any questions or remarks in the comments below,


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  1. Hi, Saskia! I just wanted to be sure of something. When you say any rooms created in the new editor are not remixable by default, does this mean I can allow some rooms to be remixable? I have quite a few public rooms that I call room lists. For example, rooms with all the food items I have found (including some non-food items that look like food), vehicles, steps and stairs, clothing, people and animals. I had made these room lists to help people find items easier, and wanted them to be remixable so they could be saved by others for their use. Will this still be possible? Thanks!

    1. Hi Madge2017,

      Good of you to ask this question. The Remix functionality is not in the new editor so cannot be allowed for some rooms either.

      I find it positive to hear that you have made these room lists for others.Fortunately in the new editor it is much easier for everyone to find what you are looking for so the need for this will be much less I expect.

      What is also a really valuable addition is being able to create favorite items lists when having a PLUS account on higher. I’ll come back to this in one of the next blogs.

    2. hi saskia
      i was trying to take a 3d view
      i dont understand where the 3d view and entering room option has gone, can you plese help me out with it

      1. Hello Kashif, This is only possible in the new editor. In the old editor you can only look at your project in 2D with a 3D preview on the topleft side.

        With kind regards,

        Luc Baartmans

  2. Hi Saskia, I haven’t commented before but I had thought of doing this, but with new blogs, I wasn’t sure you’d be able to see it in a different blog. . . I have no clue how to make a design to enter it in a contest-I really want to but I have no clue. . . And then where would you put in your photo. I just have no clue and I hope you can help me!

    1. Hi CitrusSunrise,
      I just saw your question and I will send you an email with info to help you out. Saskia

      1. I believe you misunderstood me and I misunderstood back, I replied to your Email for what I was actually asking. Thankyou

  3. I wanted to download a photo for a new project and tried to do it from the RS tool and and also the old RS dashboard, but nothing happened. So, I migrated to the new dashboard and found the place for our images in floorplaner, I could see my photos fine, but could not figure out how to download a new one. I’m sure I’m missing something easy, but I’m an old dog and it’s getting hard for me to learn new tricks :-/

    1. Hello,

      I’m glad you asked your question so we can make sure you at least learn this trick quickly.

      To upload a photo in the new editor, first choose the 3D view in the top right corner. You will then see the camera settings on the left and at the bottom of the left side bar is a Light & Scenery entry.

      If you click on that you can choose standard images for both indoor and outdoor spaces, but also add your own image.See upload custom image below.

      Hope this works out for you. Most of all, keep asking your questions.

  4. Ah! I’ve solved my problem. It was not with you guys, it was with my computer account. They have also been going through changes and even though that photo was showing up for my requests, it was acctualy in a different folder. Sorry, thank you for your help, and love what you are doing!

  5. is there any way that you could make it so that we could choose which rooms are remixable and which arent??

    thanks 4 ur help, appreciate if this wont work

    1. Hi kitty,

      As said the remix function will not be there in the new editor and we are planning an option to make your existing rooms (created with the old tool) non-remixable. So for the old rooms there will be the option to choose.

  6. I love where you all are going with the concept of remixes. I personally have had few problems with it, but have always seen and understood the problems it could foster.

  7. Can I export the rooms from the old dashboards to the new one so I can continue working on them there?

  8. I don’t remix other users’ rooms. I’ve only done a couple of the Roomstyler template rooms for contests. With that said, the only 2 reasons that I would click on “Remix” was to get the name of an object that someone used or to see if they created a feature or if it is an imported image. It would be a shame with the former, in particular, not to have the ability to quickly find out the name of an item that you like, that you likely haven’t seen before in the library or have forgotten the name of. So to make this still possible, can a toggling feature be added where a user can slide their mouse over someone else’s project, to reveal call-outs for the products it contains? Like, I said, this wouldn’t happen by default when viewing, but can be turned on if desired.

  9. Hello Everyone, Saskia,
    I was looking for information on credits transfer from roomstyler to floorplanner, even gifted credits. Is there any information on this?

    p.s. I really really like the new dashboard.

    1. Hi @lily , This is Luc and I am part of the floorplanner team since a few months. Next to Saskia I will also be available for questions you might have.
      At the moment we do not have a technical solution for transferring credits yet but we are working on it. In the meanwhile for everyone who wants their credits transferred, i can do that manually for you. Mail me at: and let me know how much credits you want to have transferred.

  10. Hi. I wonder if it will be possible to find deleted projects in Discover by entering the number of the deleted user. I have already found some of my projects (although it took a long time), but I want to find them all so that I can save pictures of these projects. I could find them myself, because now I understand how hard it is to find them among so many other users’ projects.
    My question is because in the new dashboard of Roomstyler it was possible to recover deleted projects. I know… I don`t give up.

  11. Luc. Hello. I `d like to inform you that I have all my old projects together. I found that I shouldn`t have open my profile avatar, but image of design and then remix it. It never even crossed my mind to use the arrows that are on both sides to go through. Maybe that feature would come handy to others if they had the same problem. it really takes time to find them. As it turned out, I had other deleted account. that I forgot. Sorry for bothering you. Cheers.

    1. Hello earvette, well nice to hear you could find them. If you have any other questions please let us know so i can try to help.

  12. Just a quick question. I have long had roomstyler account and a floorplanner account I got later, by logging in with gmail. Is there a way to link the two accounts?

    1. Hi Crystal, unfortunatly there is no easy way to link it since they are seperate databases. I can however transfer credits from one account to the next.

    1. Hello Peter,

      If you hover over your profile it will give you a list of options one of wich is the new dashboard.



      1. Thank you, I’ve tried it. I have one comment. I created a 3D preview, and since I have the free plan, there is a 10 minute timeout until I can create another one. Somehow, I failed to export the picture, and I lost it. It would be good if a preview would remain available until I create a new one even if I don’t save it.

          1. Hi Luc,

            It must be a bug, then. I retried and found out what happened. After I click on the aperture icon, I am presented with the “Add camera / update camera” prompt. If I cancel it, the image doesn’t appear under exports but the timer is already started.

  13. Hi. Can you explain me how to use light settings to avoid overexposing the image in floorplanner. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Earvette, This is difficult for sure. I suggest Trying to use enough windows. Natural lighting will be less likely to produce over exposure.

  14. random question but does anybody know how I can change b=my bio on my front page, I change it and click save changes but it doesn’t seem to update on my page????

  15. Hi Saskia and everyone ! I am facing some issue with the new dashboard being just a blank page. Everything else works fine, just the new dashboard. Does anyone face this issue too? Thanks a lot !

    1. Hello Marin,

      This can have multiple reasons. il list them so you can check if one of them might apply to you.

      1. If you are using a mac the operating system has to be above version: 10.12.1
      2. update your browser
      3. your cache might be messing with the page: try in incognito mode to see if this fixxes it.

      if this doesnt fix it please email me at

        1. Hello Marin,

          Could you mail me at with the following:
          When this happens could you please open the console and take a screenshot of your webpage and the console. The console can be opened on chrome with CTRL+SHIFT+J


    1. Hello Kerry,

      This can have multiple reasons. il list them so you can check if one of them might apply to you.

      1. If you are using a mac the operating system has to be above version: 10.12.1
      2. update your browser
      3. your cache might be messing with the page: try in incognito mode to see if this fixxes it.

      if this doesnt fix it please email me at

      1. Hi Luc. It took me a while, but I figured out what the problem is. The web address is incorrect for me. I changed it from roomstyler to floorplanner and it came up right away. I don’t know how to change it permanently however. Thank you for your quick attention to my problem.

  16. The contests seem to be nothing more than popularity contests. The more followers you have, the more votes you get. I understand since I do try and vote for my sister’s designs but I don’t think it is fair. It also is hard to beat the professionals who compete against lay people. I don’t think anything should necessarily change though, I just needed to rant. Thank you for allowing me to

    1. This is the only way of keeping it fair. We don’t have the time to go trough each and every entry nor would I be qualified to select winners amongst those entrys.

      1. I really do know that. I just got frustrated and lashed out. I get that it has to be done that way. I don’t expect that to be changed.

  17. Is it possible to remove the ceiling? I’m trying to design a deck. Any help would be appreciated. Karen

  18. Earvette, Sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t get here yesterday.
    Thank you very much. I will give it a try.

  19. So I was making a room and I uploaded a photo. I drag it out to put it as the roof when I notice that’s not an option. Any ideas as to why this happens, or is it a new feature?

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  22. I bought a new laptop and I can’t log in to RS (with Facebook). I registered with Mydeco a long time ago and I no longer remember my email address and password at the time. How can I log in?

  23. I have no idea if this post will even be seen by anyone as there no longer seems to be any real communication systems in place for users to liaise with RS like there used to be.

    I have noticed several issues over the last month or so,
    1 – some people are some how getting the same room design into contests. I have on many occasions seen the same room up to 3 times in a contest. There was a time we were asked to flag these, a ‘flag’ icon was set up and everything. Although I have used them I am beginning to think that nobody remotely cares to check. Pointless and unfair!
    2 – in the last month when I try to you the ‘new’ dashboard I find it will only load 5 rooms despite saying I have over 500. I found the new version was really good for looking for certain room/styles quickly but now if I look for bedrooms for example I only get access to the first 5 in the list no matter what I do.
    3 – in the last month I have noticed I am no longer getting notified when voting starts for contests I have entered leading me to miss to vote. I have changed nothing on my system or my profile so assume it is RS issue. I have even tried logging fully out & back in, alsorts!!
    Again as there appears to be a lack of an actual person dealing with anything given the last of the ‘new blogs’ was posted last summer over months ago and the post just before this one is obviously spam but has be left up for weeks I don’t hold much hope for anything being resolved
    Shame as I do like designing here but have become very disillusioned.

    1. Hello Donella,

      1. Sorry for not always reacting with the speed you are hoping for. Could i suggest contacting support as you will get a quicker reply from me then on the forum. I am sorry if i missed the fact that they where the same. They probably looked just like normal rooms to me that fitted the contest description.
      2. Could you contact me at support so we can take a look as you are supposed to be able to see all your rooms ofcourse.
      3. this has not changed as far as i know but i will enquire to see if anything is up with that.
      4. I did indeed not blog like saskia used to do, But i want you to know you can always contact me at so i can answer all your questions and help you with all your problems.

  24. Hi ! I want to edit my profil, to change my bio and to add my instagram link but it doesn’t work while i click on “save changes”. How can I edit my profil?

    1. Hello Elisabeth,

      This is supposed to work just fine. I will ask the developer to take a look at your account tomorrow.

  25. Hi ! I can’t post my design in the contest section it’s done with floorplanner, is that normal? Thank you ! 🙂

    1. Hello Marin, Floorplans created with the new editor cannot be used as entry to a contest. Only rooms created with the old editor can be used in contests.

  26. Hi,
    1. Whenever I make a design, I reload the page and then all I get is a black screen. Please Advise!
    2. How can I transfer a design made on the new website to the old one?

    1. Hello Tanya,

      1.Have you tried clearing your cache and going in incognito mode? This will make sure there are no extensions or cache messing with your roomstyler experience.
      2. This is not possible at the moment.

  27. hello , im grateful for this program , i want to find out why when i use some items they move to other walls , example when i put hanging plants on an outside wall they move to inside or kitchen cupboards moving to exterior walls , how to solve such problem??

    1. Hello Betty,

      That shouldnt happen. Can you show a room where that happens so i can take a look at it?

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