Test version Roomstyler Dashboard open for All

Hi All,

As mentioned, we are busy launching the new version of Roomstyler. This launch has a number of steps. In the coming period we will successively renew the dashboard, the tool and the website. In this process we will give you time to get used to the new version before the current 3D Roomplanner tool will be retired.

New Dashboard step 1
Because the new designer tool brings new possibilities, and we of course want to keep the old rooms available, a new dashboard is needed.

Following our call in the previous blog, we have found 10 Roomstyler designers willing to be the first ones to explore the new Roomstyler Dashboard. We want to thank them for their effort.

The first general impression of the testpanel is positive. They like the search & filter options and the contest info the most. Points of improvement and wishes they have also raised will be considered.

Step 2
We feel now confident enough to take the second step: opening up the test version of the new Dashboard to all. In this test phase of the dashboard, we are curious to see if you can find everything and do what you would expect and want.

After reading this weblog + the pdf found on https://blog.roomstyler.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Start-up-Info-Test-version-Roomstyler-Dashboard.pdf and following some simple first steps, you can now access the test version of the new dashboard yourself. You can then decide whether you want to continue working from the old situation, or get started in the test environment, and you can always switch back.

A lot of the same and yet slightly different
You’ll recognize a lot of elements when exploring the new dashboard. But there are also some differences that I’m happy to explain further. Once you have heard some new terms, you will get used to the new version of Roomstyler faster.

• Tool versus Editor
The current tool you create your rooms with is called the 3D Roomplanner tool. This tool will be replaced by what we call the editor. This editor is the same as used by floorplanner. The libraries and rendering techniques are already the same.

• Rooms versus Projects
You are used to creating rooms. The new editor has many more features than the current Roomstyler tool. For example, you can easily create slanted walls, there are many more types of windows and doors, more architectural elements and you can even extend your designs to multiple floors if you want. So the possibilities are much wider and that is why we no longer call the designs made in the new editor rooms, but projects. This way we can also properly separate the old room designs from the new editor project designs. You can already start exploring the new editor yourself by creating a new project in the new dashboard.

• Public versus Private
Rooms made in the current Roomstyler tool can be set public, even before the image is rendered. In the near future all designs you create with the new Roomplanner version will be private by default until you decide to make an image of the design public. So you first create an image (or more) of your design and you decide if, which and when you share it on roomstyler.com. How you do this we explain to you further in the pdf.

• Render versus Export
Making an image of your design is now called a render in Roomstyler. In the new version we call the same renders exports.

Time to get started
More than enough information, time to get to started and try things out for yourself. Read the pdf first (https://blog.roomstyler.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Start-up-Info-Test-version-Roomstyler-Dashboard.pdf) and please keep in mind that you are going to be working in a test environment. It should be stable, but it is quite possible for something to go wrong. If this happens, just let us know.

Switch over 
If all goes according to plan and no major new issues arise from this second testing phase, we expect to introduce the new Dashboard at the end of this month. We want to make this a special moment and we will inform you further about this soon.

Important note
After the switch over of the new Dashboard you can still continue to use the old 3D Roomplanner tool for your room designs. Of course you also can use the new editor from then on, whatever you prefer.

We are curious to know what you notice, what raises questions, what you think is an improvement and what you miss. Don’t hold back. Everything is useful for us to know! You can send your comments to saskia@floorplanner.com.

46 Replies to “Test version Roomstyler Dashboard open for All”

  1. Hello! So I tried the connect with floorplanner button, and when I kept entering my correct email and password, it says it was incorrect. I even changed my password and tried again. Please help!

    1. I tried creating a new account using the same username and password, but that kind of messed everything up. I still see my rooms, but my zschmitt username and profile photo are gone. When I go to edit my profile, it goes back to my old one with all the data.

  2. I kind of fixed it by editing my profile into my same old username and profile photo. Thank you for all your help!

  3. Wow! I had no idea all this was happening and I LOVE it! I think floorpanner was a “pay for” cite when I began. Do you think it would be okay to use the same password for both cites?

  4. I’m loving ❤️ the new dashboard! I’m having a few difficulties though, but I think it’s just user error lol
    Te only thing I think is not my fault is my newsfeed. It hasn’t been working for a couple of weeks, and won’t work on the new version either. It brings me to a page with a green door that says ‘500 on it, and the message below says ‘Internal Error! Sorry, something went wrong’ . If there’s something you guys could do to fix this, it would be deeply appreciated!

        1. Hi Grace,

          The newsfeed issue should be fixed now. Would you please give it another try?

  5. I am still partial to RS. I am wondering if it is possible to open RS rooms in FP? Or if that is not possible now will it be possible @ some point in time?

    1. Hi,

      At this moment it is not yet possible to open your RS Rooms in the new editor. This certainly will be possible in time.

  6. Looks great! The only thing I miss in the editor is the preview screen in the right corner. Will this please be added?

  7. Hi, I’d like to try the new editor, but I have always logged in to RS using my Facebook profile, and that is how I have always logged in to Floorplanner. So, when I log in to FP, it leads me to the “old” editor, not the new one.

    I tried to log in directly from the link above. Nevertheless, I can’t go further login page since, apparently, to log in to the new Floorplanner, there are no more options but to log in using email and password. The thing is that this is not how I created none of my users; in other words, I have neither email nor passwords associated with either RS or FP.
    Any help with this, please?

    1. Hi, I saw your message. Do not how to solve this myself but I’ve send the problem to my collegues. Will come back with an answer asap.

  8. Hi, Saskia. It is working now. Thank you!
    I’ll come back later with my insight on the new editor.
    Kind regards,

  9. This isn’t exactly related to this particular blog, but I noticed that even though I mentioned politely in my bio that I would prefer people to ask before remixing my designs, I receive email notifications that someone has remixed my design, and I see no comment asking permission first. I’m not the only person with this issue; I see some people remixing designs and publishing them without changing a single thing, or it’s way too similar, and this always upsets the original designer. Now, I do like the idea of remixing designs, especially if there’s a fun and challenging template for all to use, and I do like how there’s an “original by” on the bottom corner to give some credit to the original designer, but like I mentioned above, there seems to be an issue of people remixing without asking the designer’s permission first. Can a solution be made to this?

    1. Hi Feeny,

      Thank you for your message. We’ve had several designers tell us that they find it unpleasant how others interact with their designs. So you’re definitely not the only one.

      The upcoming new version of Roomstyler does not yet technically support remixing of designs.

      We will see if we will offer this option again in the future and if so in what form. We will certainly take these objections into account.

  10. I have limited time to go on these days; I just tried it for a few minutes and love it! I’m not the best with technology so there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but I can tell it’s already SO much better than before. I can’t wait to have some time to really learn and understand it. WELL DONE!

  11. I am having a problem in my user profile. I keep trying to take off the last of the notifications as I don’t really want all of the useless items in my mailbox. I take it off and hit save changes. It will not change it. It is checked off again as soon as I log out. Is there a way to fix this? I have done it 3 times with no change in the outcome.

  12. Hi Saskia! Sorry to bother you and also forgive my English.
    I wanted to test the new version of the editor thinking that it was like the old one but with added improvements (construction technique, furniture, etc.).
    When I have entered I have seen that it is actually using floorplanner, it is not improved roomstyler. I used floorplanner at first and switched to roomstyler for the camera system and rendering.
    Is this how it works or am I wrong?
    Thank you so much.

  13. “Hi,

    At this moment it is not yet possible to open your RS Rooms in the new editor. This certainly will be possible in time.”

    Hi. I wanted to ask for the same thing, but I`ll wait. Thank you.

  14. Hello Saskia, how are you?
    I,m very fond of using the Roomstyler program. Now I’m having some problem working on it. Some furniture doesn’t appear in the draw,
    I don’t know if the traditional Roomstyler is turning into a new program named Floorplanner……
    When i press the button “try new dashboard” nothing happens. The page stays in blanc.
    Can you help me? Because I love a lot to work on traditional Roomstyler and I don’t want to loose my work here.

    1. Hello Cassio, Can you send me a room url? I will take a look at the missing furniture. You can send it to Support@floorplanner.com or to my personal email at luc@floorplanner.com

      The floorplanner editor is an upgraded version of the roomstyler editor. Both will stay online. You can link both accounts via the try new dashboard button. This way you can use both editors.

      At the moment the button appears not to be working and we will be fixing this asap.

  15. Thank you for sharing this update on the new version of Roomstyler. It’s great to hear that you are taking steps to renew the dashboard, tool, and website to provide new possibilities for users. It’s also encouraging to see that you have taken feedback from the test panel and are considering points of improvement and wishes raised. I appreciate the opportunity to access the test version of the new dashboard and decide whether to continue working from the old situation or get started in the test environment. I look forward to exploring the new editor and getting used to the new terms. Keep up the good work!

  16. Thank you for sharing this update on the new version of Roomstyler. It’s great to hear that the first step of launching the new dashboard has been successful and that designers are liking the new search and filter options and contest info. I appreciate that you’re taking the time to make the transition process as smooth as possible by allowing users to access the test version of the new dashboard and giving them the option to switch back if they prefer.

    I’m also glad that you’re explaining the differences between the current tool and the new editor, which will be replacing the 3D Roomplanner tool. It’s helpful to know that there will be some new terms to get used to, but I’m sure with some exploration and practice, users will adapt quickly.

    Thank you for all the hard work you and your team are putting into this update. I’m looking forward to seeing the new possibilities and features that the new Roomstyler will offer.

  17. This sounds like an excellent chance! I’ve been looking forward to having a platform like this to express my ideas. I can’t wait to test it out and see how it improves my interior design skills. Also, if anyone has any ideas for event management research topics. relating to interior design, I’m all ears! Let us connect and discover the limitless possibilities together.

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