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The second community contest went online last week. We hope you like them. Time for the next subject.

Roomstyler’s new version
We are working hard on the things we need to do to ensure a good launch of the new Roomstyler version. As mentioned before, this new version will be based on the floorplanner platform.

Floorplanner is the company behind Roomstyler. In 2013 floorplanner acquired the mydeco tool & community with the idea to combine the best parts of mydeco and our own tool ( which we launched in 2007) into a better overall product that appeals to both designers, real estate professionals and consumers. Basically everyone that needs to simply plan or design a space.

Over the years we have integrated the Roomstyler library and rendering technology into floorplanner. We did this with the idea that at one point in time this new version of floorplanner would also be the basis for a new version of Roomstyler. We are excited to see this moment is getting close.

The process of the launch of the new version will be in a few steps. In the coming months we will renew the dashboard, the editor and later also the website. In the process there will be enough time for you to get acquainted to the new version before the old Roomstyler editor will be fully retired.  During the whole process we will be inviting experienced Roomstyler users to be among the early testers so we can make tweaks and refinements to the new version.

So the first step will be a new dashboard. The current Roomstyler dashboard allows you to see your rooms, moodboards, photos and all the rooms you liked. Some of you have thousands of rooms you have created over the years and finding a room takes a lot of scrolling.

The new Roomstyler dashboard offers, next to search also filter options to quickly navigate through your rooms, moodboards or any room you ever ‘liked’. Because the new Roomstyler dashboard is based on the floorplanner platform there are quite a number of extra little features that you will discover over time.

We will do the introduction of the new dashboard in 3 steps:
• Access test version on request
• Test version open for all
• Switch over

• Access test version on request
As said before we are looking for experienced Roomstyler users to test the new dashboard. You will receive access to the test version along with the information you need to get started. The idea is that with your input we can further optimize the dashboard. If you want to participate, and have time in the coming period, please email to: and we will be in touch.

• Test version open for all
When we get to that point, we will open up the test version to all Roomstyler users. You can decide whether you want to continue working from the old situation, or whether you want to start working in the test environment and you can always switch back.

• Switch over 
Once we fixed the main issues  we will launch the new version of the dashboard to everyone. At that moment you can still continue to use the old editor (or the new one, whatever you prefer) but the dashboard will then be switched over to the new version.  

Request for suggestions
The ‘Switch over’ moment is the moment we have been working towards for a long time and which we would like to celebrate with you all. That’s why we are in the process of organizing an online event. We are certainly not going to tell you yet what we are going to do but we need your help with something.

Suppose you could say which famous interior designer gets to look at and all the amazing designs that are made there, who would you name? Please leave your suggestions as a comment below. We are very curious to hear your names.

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  1. I’m just curious how much will they listen to us when it comes to changes. I’ve seen lots of changes in businesses that certainly never took into consideration the people. Unfortunately it left several unhappy customers. I’ve tried floorplanner and perhaps it is a learning curve, however, I do not like using it. I like the ease of roomstyler, and the ability to see our design as we go, in the 3d view. I felt like the view in floorplanner was not as easy to view nor was it easy to manipulate the camera. Granted I am only one person and this is solely my opinion. I just hope that RS or FP will take the time to listen to what people like. Yes, maybe a change is needed. But that does not mean it needs to be a complete overhaul that no one is happy with either.

    1. I felt that way too! It was kind of hard for me to operate Floor Planner, so I stuck to RS

    2. Exactly!! I hope that they added a lot of Roomstyler’s features, because that is my creative outlet. I don’t think I can really put my creativity in Floorplanner. Maybe it takes time for me to learn Floorplanner, but i’d be sad if Floorplanner will still be that different from Roomstyler.

      1. Hi Marlein,

        I totally understand that you do not want to lose your creative outlet. The new editor will certainly take some getting used to, but everything you can do now in Roomstyler can also be done in the new version and on top of that there will be many extras.

    3. Please do write your concern to RS. I am not familiar with floor planner, but to tell you the truth, I hate changes when something is good as is. Mostly, changes occur when new people are in charge who think their ways are better, when in actuality they just want to make changes for changes sake. Sure, there are some things that could be changed, but all too often, if not every time, new changes do not improve what is good to begin with but make things worse and more difficult. I have experienced the latter time and again and am apprehensive about the upcoming changes.

  2. I agree with the choices from Grace and LilLil. I also like Mina and Karen from Good Bones.

  3. I also like the ability to see my design in the 3d view, what i can tell about floorplanner, even if it has features that I like. I mean two different colors on exterior wall and interior wall, hex color, (I`d like to be able to change concrete dirty, marble, stucco, plaster, worn to another: like yellow, orange, green etc).
    The best feature I like is when i use hexagonal Tiles Black and I can scale it,but till the monent when site crashes, any way it`s amazing feature. The most thing is needed is archictecture elements, more shape of windows, doors, openings, ability to change the material of stairs, and add railing, lifting it without the need of using pedestals, and many other things mainly from architecture tab. Even then I prefer roomstyler. Thank you.

  4. @earvette & @what inspires me. Thanks for this first feedback. having a 3D window shown in the 2D (like roomstyler) is still something we plan to add to floorplanner.
    To be honest , one of the reasons we have not been introducing the new editor to the roomstyler community yet was because this functionality (among other features) was still lacking and we knew this is something you would be missing. We hope to add this 3D window in the coming period.
    We can not promise that we will add/change every point of feedback you will be giving us during the testing but we are surely listening and will evaluate all points of feedback to see if it is something we can improve our tool with. Feel free to check out some floorplanner movies on youtube : to discover what functionalities are already in floorplanner.

  5. I really want to test it and I’ve been here for a little over a year. I don’t get how it works if we sign up. Would you mind explaining? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi,

      If you sign up as a tester via email, you will receive instructions from me that will give you access to the new dashboard. We would then like you to explore it and let us know what you like and dislike about it so we can make improvements. That’s really all. Will you join us?

      1. Ohhhh, okay! Thanks for telling me! I’d love to sign up. I’ll try to soon but I also have to ask my guardian just to make sure I’m allowed to. 🙂 Stay safe and God bless!

  6. So, I have used floorplanner ages ago and have forgotten mostly what it’s about – even though I still keep some of the snaps of rooms I made there. If I remember correctly it had a lot of outdoor possibilities – I HAVE seen people do awesome gardens & such in Roomstyler but I feel like Floorplanner had something that was making it easier & better looking… can’t remember what though :/
    BUT I AM curious what a redesign like this will do. I’ll see if I can sign up to test if it’s not too late.

  7. Dear Saskia I can’t get a photorealistic render … I have dimmed the lights but it is always overexposed, it has already happened to me another time ,can you help me? Thank you very much I have no other credits 🙁

    I hope to be able to make photorealistic renderings on the new floorplaner platform as beautiful as those of roomstyler, for me it is very important.
    Good day

    1. Hi rossella63,

      How annoying that it doesn’t work out with the render. I’m forwarding your problem to support so they can help you figure out what’s wrong.
      The renderings in the new version are just as nice as in the old one! Good day for you too!

    2. Hi Rosella63

      Single photorealistic renders are not accessible yet for Floorplanner projects, within the coming weeks tis functionality will be added. At this moment the only way to make photorealistic renders from floorplanner projects is to upgrade the project to level 4. This is a one-time fee of 25 credits but at that moment you can make as much photorealistic renders from that project as you need and do not need to pay per render for that particular project anymore.

  8. Hi, the kids on this site are leaving comments on designs to vote for their design. We had several doing this awhile back. Looks like they’re doing it again. Can you address them and tell them that’s not how we use the comments sections on our designs? Thanks. I didn’t know where else to put this comment.

  9. As one of the very early MyDeco users (2007) I love using roomstyler but despite several attempts find Floorplanner almost impossible to get to grips with and actually create on.
    I feel very sad to think that I won’t at some point be able to use this tool to relax and create. In fact Floorplanner left me feeling stressed and I lost the will to try any more with it.
    I haven’t designed for some months largely due to frustration at the lack of community and the lovely supportive encouraging atmosphere.
    Now I feel its largely about winning contests and supporting each others facebook friends.
    I’m so happy to see the Blog by the way its a step towards feeling part of a ‘family’ which is how it used to feel

  10. Ron Renner, ASID · Founder & President at Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.) ***AND*** A founding Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). Mr. Renner is one of the nation’s first state-licensed interior designers.

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