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Improvements new Dashboard

Hi All, As a few hundred of you have already switched to the test version of the new Roomstyler dashboard. I’d like to give you some updates of improvements we made over the past 1.5 week. This might give more of you a reason to explore the new dashboard. You can find instructions for this

Test version Roomstyler Dashboard open for All

Hi All, As mentioned, we are busy launching the new version of Roomstyler. This launch has a number of steps. In the coming period we will successively renew the dashboard, the tool and the website. In this process we will give you time to get used to the new version before the current 3D Roomplanner tool

New version Roomstyler | Dashboard

Hi All, The second community contest went online last week. We hope you like them. Time for the next subject. Roomstyler’s new versionWe are working hard on the things we need to do to ensure a good launch of the new Roomstyler version. As mentioned before, this new version will be based on the floorplanner

New: Community Contests

Hi All, By popular demand, we will start as soon as possible with contests that you have suggested. We call them Community Contests and we will put one online every week. They can be with or without a template, it’s up to you. Of course I can’t do this without your input☺ How to participateSo

Contest Survey Results

Hi All, I can’t wait to share with you the results of the survey about the Roomstyler Contests. In the end, 91 of you participated and I’m very happy about that. It gives me a much fuller picture of who you are, what you want, what’s on your mind. Let’s get started soon, because there’s

Current Contests

Hi All, Can I start by saying that I’m extremely surprised by so many sweet positive responses to the first post? It is so nice to read how many of you recognize yourselves in my story and the enthusiasm you have for interior design, for the RS tool and the community is heartwarming and special.


Hi all, Welcome to the new Roomstyler Weblog. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Saskia and when I was six years old I found on the street a box full of floor plans and drawings made by an architect. I found it irresistible and immediately filled my room